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Impressions d'Asie


Pascal Bournet       KAR 1014

A European Musical Evocation Of Asia
Featuring Guitar, Piano, Flute, Cello & Violin.

Audio     Editions Kosinus/ Kapagama


Impressions du désert


Pascal Bournet - Christophe Delabre   KAR 1019

IMPRESSIONS DU DESERT ( Desert Impressions)
A European Musical Evocation Of Middle East & North Africa.
Cello, Clarinet, Guitar, Oboe, French Horn, Harp, Violin, Piano, Flute.

Impressions d'Amérique Latine


Pascal Bournet    KAR 1034

Musical Evocation Of South America.
Acoustic Guitar, Octave Guitar, Cello, Flute.

Audio      Edfitions Kosinus/ Kapagama

Guitar Rag


Pascal Bournet      KOS 271

Ragtime For Guitar Duet.  Composed By Pascal Bournet. (Tracks 01 to 05 From Trad.)  06 to 16 Composed by: Pascal Bournet

Audio       Editions Kosinus

Beautiful Land
Pascal Bournet      KOS314
Peaceful And Pastoral Ballads For Acoustic Guitars And Cello.
Celtic Tradition


Pascal Bournet     KOS 91

Traditional Arrangements Of The" Irish Bard " O'Carolan Music (1670-1738).
Composed by: Pascal Bournet From Trad. 
for guitar, violin, mandoline & recorders
Audio       Editions Kosinus  
Italian Traveller


Pascal Bournet    KOL 60

Typical Varied Italian Acoustic Themes for Italy (Travel Documentary, Cooking And Food)


Audio      Editions Kosinus

Global Traveller 2


Pascal Bournet  KOL56

Acoustic Themes for Travel & Nature Documentaries

Audio      Editions Kosinus

African Traveller


Pascal Bournet   KOL55

Contemporary African Themes for Travel & Nature Documentaries - Africa, Ethnic, Tribal


Audio      Editions Kosinus

Asian Guitars


Pascal Bournet  KOL 38

When A Classical Guitar Falls In Love With Asian Traditional Music.

Audio         Editions Kosinus

Spanish Guitar


Pascal Bournet      KOL5

The Many Moods of Spanish Guitar : Romantic, Baroque, Flamenco.
Bonus Track : Spanish National Anthem.

Audio        Editions Kosinus

Provinces of Argentina


Pascal Bournet & Enrique Alberti     KOL2

A Journey Through The Provinces Of Argentina.
Typical & Traditional Melodies Featuring Acoustic Instruments
CDs various artists
KOS15 - Piu Bella Italia
KOS56 - Woodlands
KOS 79 - Tango
KOS 82 - Nova Brazil
KOS 86 - Futurfolk
KOS 91 - Woodlands
KOS 108 - Paradise delight
KOS 121 - Have a nice day
KOS 136 - Bella Italia
KOS 139 - Cosy
Kosinus art 1013 - Mécanismes