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African Traveller


Pascal Bournet   KOL55

Contemporary African Themes for Travel & Nature Documentaries - Africa, Ethnic, Tribal


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Folk Guitar Seasons
Pascal Bournet    KOL74
Folk Guitar Seasons  

Documentary, Folk, Nature/Pastoral/Wildlife, Solo Instruments

Audio          Editions Kosinus/ Universal

Elegant Pizzicati


Pascal Bournet   KOS603
14 pieces
 Classical Pizzicati Ensemble for Art, Nature and Historical Documentaries
Editions Kosinus/ Universal


Spanish Guitar


Pascal Bournet      KOL5

The Many Moods of Spanish Guitar : Romantic, Baroque, Flamenco.
Bonus Track : Spanish National Anthem.

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Provinces of Argentina


Pascal Bournet & Enrique Alberti     KOL2

A Journey Through The Provinces Of Argentina.
Typical & Traditional Melodies Featuring Acoustic Instruments
CDs various artists
KOS15 - Piu Bella Italia
KOS56 - Woodlands
KOS 79 - Tango
KOS 82 - Nova Brazil
KOS 86 - Futurfolk
KOS 91 - Woodlands
KOS 108 - Paradise delight
KOS 121 - Have a nice day
KOS 136 - Bella Italia
KOS 139 - Cosy
Kosinus art 1013 - Mécanismes